Victor’s Insider Scoop on Surviving The Recession …
July 1st, 2009 | top of page

We are in a recession and the government is doing crazy things. Is Obama’s bailout working? Each side of The Aisle will have a different opinion on this question. My answer is Maybe but Maybe Not. Would we be better off today if the government had done nothing? Maybe, but maybe not. Neither I nor any expert can say with any certainty. It’s like trying to prove a negative. The one thing you should not be doing Continue Reading

Victor’s Insider Scoop on Getting A Deal Closed In This Market …
April 1st, 2009 | top of page

To buy or not to buy that is the question. Sellers are remembering the halcyon days of only 18 months ago when they were in the driver’s seat and could pick and choose amongst competing, above–list–price offers from well–qualified buyers. The current marketplace has brokers facing frustrating listing situations when dealing with those same sellers who are now reluctant to budge on their price expectations in the face of current market realities while, in the back of Continue Reading

Victor’s Insider Scoop: A Refresher Course on Title Insurance
March 15th, 2009 | top of page

Being an experienced real estate investor you have purchased title insurance on your real property acquisitions. You probably do this reflexively without giving it a second thought. But why do you need title insurance and what really is it? This month’s Insider Scoop comes courtesy of David Miller of Chicago Title. Dave’s extensive experience can guide you through tricky title issues. Reach him at 602.667.1030 or or Title insurance plays an important role Continue Reading

Victor’s Insider Scoop: A Refresher Course on Title Insurance Part II
March 14th, 2009 | top of page

Last monthʼs newsletter offered an introductory review of Title Insurance. This monthʼs Insider Scoop also comes courtesy of David Miller of Chicago Title but delves into a few aspects in greater detail. If you need more info or have a title insurance issue not discussed here then call Dave at 602.667.1030 or or Types of Insurance In general, there are two types of insurance policies. The first (and least protective) is the Continue Reading

Victor’s Insider Scoop on 21 Secrets To Make Sure Your Surveyor Includes In Your Next A.L.T.A. Survey …
March 1st, 2009 | top of page

1. Is there an accurate north arrow on the survey? 2. If there are any symbols not described in a key or if there is any information you don’t understand, consult with the surveyor. 3. Does the survey contain any undedicated roads? If yes, investigate further as this may support a third party’s claim of access through the property. 4. Does the survey show any fences? Fences are rarely exactly on property lines and may presage adverse Continue Reading

Victor’s Insider Scoop on Where Are The Commercial REO Deals? …
February 15th, 2009 | top of page

Skimming the deals done during the first two months of 2009 I am taken aback more by deals I perceive to be missing versus details of deals that have closed. I have spoken to several investors during the past few months about their acquisition criteria and there have been a few common threads: there is a lot of cash sitting on the sidelines waiting, no one is convinced the bottom is at hand, and everyone thinks foreclosures Continue Reading

Victor’s Insider Scoop on Unlocking the Housing Market Recovery …
February 1st, 2009 | top of page

This month’s Insider Scoop is not of my own making. It consists of two videos. The first explains the cyclical nature of housing. The second contains predictions about what needs to be done to stabilize the current real estate market. They come courtesy of John Burns Real Estate Consulting a housing market analysis and consulting group based in Irvine, CA. Video 1 & Video 2

Victor’s Insider Scoop on [Name Brand] Retailers Closing Their Doors in 2008 & 2009 (so far) …
December 10th, 2008 | top of page

The retail bloodbath that started in 2008 will most assuredly continue well into 2009. If not gone forever (Bombay, CompUSA, Mervyn’s, Linens ‘N Things) many others may soon be missing from your neighborhood mall as retailers perform triage on underperforming locations hoping to stem the flow of red ink in their annual reports. The Darwinian death of weak, sluggish and redundant retailers (what is the difference between a Circuit City & a Best Buy anyway?) may provide Continue Reading

Victor’s Insider Scoop on How You Can Increase Your Cashflow Without Raising Rents or Without Lowering Expenses …
October 10th, 2008 | top of page

CHANCES ARE YOU ARE PAYING TOO MUCH IN TAXES … AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Thousands of commercial property owners overpay their federal income taxes every year. But, don’t blame your CPA! In order to realize the maximum benefits available under current law, the IRS requires a specialized engineering based cost analysis study. Your CPA is unlikely to be one of the 75± engineers in the US specialized in the area known as COST SEGREGATION ANALYSIS. See Continue Reading

Victor’s Insider Scoop on Why Light Rail Continues to Motivate Developers …
October 1st, 2008 | top of page

I previously posited on why light rail was having a positive effect on commercial development in metro Phoenix. That blog referenced three examples—two in Tempe and one in Phoenix. My current newsletter has 7 articles referencing no fewer than 35 projects in Tempe, 9 in Phoenix, and 1 in Mesa all with the light rail advantage. What’s amazing is that of the 59 total new articles in this month’s newsletter more than half of them have a Continue Reading