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November 1st, 2011 | top of page

In the October edition of Phoenix Apartment Real Estate Deals I showed you some of the key features of a Steve Job’s presentation:

• Getting your audience to care,

• The Twitter–like headline,

• Specificity,

• A personal benefit,

• Why 3 is a magic number, and

• Simplified slide design

I also argued why you should consider adopting these ideas whether you’re marketing an apartment for sale or instructing your leasing staff on how to close a prospective new tenant.

In this edition of Phoenix Apartment Real Estate News I’ll discuss one more effective techniques from classic story telling Jobs used masterfully: the hero who fights the villain.

You can watch the quintessential example of this here: where the enemy was Big Blue (aka IBM) and the Mac computer is the hero. The storyline demonstrates a problem (IBM’s dominance of the computer industry) in need of a solution (the Macintosh computer).

Using this technique Jobs describes the problem the audience is experiencing, gives the audience a reason for their pain (a competitor who now becomes the enemy), and offers a solution to the audience’s pain with his specific solution/product. It’s important to contrast the competitor’s pain/problem causing product/service with your enjoyable/pain-free product or service.

Before you explain the benefits of your product/service it’s important to establish the context and relevance of the prospect’s problem/pain. Once that pain is established and acknowledged in the prospect’s mind then they will be extremely receptive to your solution that eliminates their problem/pain.

Use the antagonist to give your prospect an overview of their problem before filling in the details of how your solution solves their problem.

Instilling this technique into your apartment leasing staff is an obvious direct application of Job’s method. They can review the state of the prospective tenant’s current housing to set the stage for how your apartment complex offers a solution to their problems.

So, how do you create this pitch? Simple, create short, one sentence answers to these four questions:

1. What do you do?

2. What problem do you solve?

3. How are you different?

4. Why do I care?

In summary:

• Introduce the antagonist early. Establish the prospect’s problem before presenting your solution. Paint a clear picture of the prospect’s pain.

• Take the time to describe the prospect’s problem in detail. Make it real. Build their pain.

• Describe your solution to the prospect’s pain by answering the four questions above focusing on #2.

Remember, nobody walks in to your leasing office caring about your apartment complex. They care about having their problems solved. If you solve their problems, you’ll secure a new tenant.

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