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September 15th, 2011 | top of page

Ali Brown was the keynote speaker at the September Phoenix Chapter meeting of the Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle. If you are unfamiliar with Ali check her out at

I took a lot of notes during her presentation. Here’s a summary of some of my key take-aways:

Always Be Marketing.
You never know when a customer is going to need your product or service. If you are regularly in front of them you are going to be the person they think of when their need arises.

Be Prepared For Change.
If your market changes (and whose hasn’t recently?) your business model needs to be readily adaptable to work within that change.

Maximize Your Leverage.
This is your time, team, marketing dollars, and energy.

Maximize Low Cost Marketing Methods.
Track the success of your advertising dollars so you know how much income each of your marketing campaigns are generating.

Systems Are Your Solutions.
The more you can automate, delegate, or outsource the busy work of your marketing, the more time you can spend on the BIG picture items that require your personal attention.

Marketing Basics:
• Who is your target market?
• Where is your target market?
• How will your reach them?
• What is your message?
• What are your revenue streams?

Customer Lists.
Think of your customer list as your long-term income guarantee.

Who can be more important than What.
• Focus on the quality of the customers not the quantity.
• Collect permission-based lists. (i.e. opt-ins).
• Contact repeatedly.
• Offer value for staying on the list.
• Opt-in is driven by an irresistible offer.

Social Media.
Your goal is to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to funnel prospective customers to your site containing your irresistible Free Offer.

• Capture customers’ contact info by requiring them to opt-in to receive your Free Offer. Build your list.
• Give, give, give, before you try to get.
• Map your strategy and track your time.
• This is about creating a dialogue that goes both ways.
• Show an interest in your followers but especially in your fans and evangelists.
• Be real and use your personality.
• Manage discussions. Don’t feed the trolls (i.e. don’t enter into an online argument with a detractor).
• Set a schedule for postings and be consistent in the type of posts.
• Ask questions and be interactive with followers.
• Make optimum use of the capabilities and features of each social media site (e.g. your profile, etc.)

Facebook Ads.
• Are extremely targeted.
• Are cheaper than pay-per-click ads but have a lower response rate.
• Use for building your audience and list vs. making direct sales.

• Respond directly to queries.
• Think of it as an ongoing conversation.
• Map your strategy and track your time, e.g.

7 a.m. – question, update, fact
9 a.m. – promotion
11 a.m. – inspiration quote/link
1 p.m. – promotion
3 p.m. – question, update, fact
6 p.m. – promotion

• Write tweets en masse and use HootSuite to schedule timing of tweets.

Other Web-based Venues:

• Twollow for finding and building a targeted Twitter market.
• HootSuite for scheduling posts to multiple social media sites.
• SocialOomph another social media management site.

The easiest and one of the most effective uses is to ask and answer the five most frequently asked questions about your product of service. This is a great timesaver as you don’t have to personally respond to the same questions again and again. Set up your own video channel.

Set up in iTunes.

Deliver Your Info Via:
• .pdf files
• Podcasts
• Videos
• Teleseminars
• Webinars

Always Require An Opt-In To Get Your Info.
Provide a clear and easy way to opt-out of receiving future contacts. These steps help you stay on the compliant side of SPAM laws.

Form Targeted JVs.
Affiliate marketing relationships with other businesses whose customers fit your buyer profile can be very profitable and require very little work.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income

PS – If you are ready to begin to thrive again by getting off the sidelines and putting your money to work give me a call at 602-320-6200. I see lots of deals and may have just what you are looking for.

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