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August 1st, 2011 | top of page

Odds are you or someone in your family uses Facebook. But are you buying in to the conjecture that social media can facilitate or initiate a commercial real estate deal? Sure it works for some businesses. But are you of the opinion that it only works for retail or non-service type of businesses? It can’t work for professional businesses can it? If this is your position, I think you are falling into the trap laid by marketing guru Dan Kennedy when someone tells him, “But Dan, my business is different! Your marketing methods won’t work for me.” Big mistake

My personal experiments with social media are just past their infancy. I have a Facebook Fan Page. I tweet on Twitter. I have a (free) LinkedIn account. And, I post my marketing videos on YouTube.

But has it put any money in my pocket you ask. Actually, yes. A YouTube video led someone to contact me in November 2010 via my website about my First Look program for buying distressed apartments in Phoenix. Five months later a commission was wired into my checking account!

You are probably aware that the current number one search engine is Google. But do you know what the number 2 search engine is? Are you guessing Yahoo or maybe Bing? Wrong and really wrong. The answer is YouTube! If you pull up YouTube and search for keywords Phoenix REO Apartments, guess who comes up first? Not only do I come up first, I dominate the first page with 16 videos! And the funny thing is the videos I post on YouTube were never meant to be standalone marketing pieces. They are all part of pages on my website or inserted into my HTML marketing emails. But people (strangers, actually) find them and contact me.

FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn have yet to put any money in my pocket. But I’m betting they eventually will.

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