Victor’s Insider Scoop on My Stolen Car. Don’t Miss the Surprising Ending …
February 1st, 2011 | top of page

I was in Las Vegas over the President’s Day long weekend with my wife Catherine attending our son Elliot’s hockey tournament. He’s the goalie for the Phoenix Mustangs PeeWee A team. Our dog was registered at a pet resort in Paradise Valley and my neighbor Nick was in charge of coming over once and day to feed our two cats.

At 8 a.m. on President’s Day morning my cell phone rang. Since I was just approaching my fourth hour of sleep it was not a difficult decision to let it go to voice mail. When Catherine got up she listened to the message. It was from Nick and simply said “Victor, I have a question for you. Give me a call.”

I called. Nick’s question was a simple one: “Did you lend your car to anyone?” When I answered “No” we both came to the same conclusion: my car had been stolen out of my driveway!

Nick told me that on Sunday night there were police cars and K-9s on our street and a helicopter with a searchlight was combing the area.

Nick told me that when he entered the house to feed the cats on Monday morning its appearance was “off” but only to the extent that there was an out of place can of coins sitting on the kitchen counter. Viewed from the kitchen there were no overt signs that the house had been otherwise disturbed.

I called the Phoenix police from Las Vegas to report my car as stolen. The police would not take a report over the phone so I had to contact them when I returned to Phoenix later that day. I was glad that I had not just started a month long tour out of the country!

I called my insurance agent who had just one question for me: “Victor, did you love that car?” because there’s no chance it will be recovered intact if at all. On our return drive from Las Vegas I was imagining the stress of buying a new car on short notice.

Elliot’s teammate Robert was riding home from Las Vegas with us in our van. His parents had other kids in their car and were about an hour behind us. Not knowing what condition we would find our house in, Catherine wanted to spare Elliot the stress of seeing a potentially trashed house. We elected to drop Elliot and Robert off at our local ice rink before going home. Robert’s parents agreed to pick the boys up when they arrived in town and take them to their house.

Upon arriving home our initial inspection revealed that little in the house had been disturbed. The dresser in our walk-in closet had been rifled and my car keys were missing along with some loose change. Amazingly, fifty dollars in Canadian money was still there and even some credit cards. All the usual belongings you would expect a petty thief to take like electronics, CDs/DVDs, etc. were untouched.

The police and Nick arrived a short time later. Nick questioned the police on the brouhaha of the previous evening. The police told us about another crime that was to become linked to ours …

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