Victor’s Insider Scoop on Why Teaching Students to Pass the Test Produces Employees You Don’t Want to Hire…
August 15th, 2010 | top of page

In 2008 Arizona ranked 49th out of the 50 states for education funding. Its overall grade was a C- averaged over six graded categories (Chances for success, K-12 achievement, Standards-assessments-accountability, Transitions, Teaching profession, and Finance). With Arizona’s AIMS test focus it’s a good bet that teaching to the test is a common occurrence. The easiest and fastest way to get a kid through school is to use fear as a motivator (“You can’t graduate if you don’t pass the AIMS test.”) and teach to the test. The outcome is a workforce of obedient and compliant employees who have had sufficient fear instilled in them to keep them in line. Even many of the students who go on to graduate school fall back on the path they were taught in grade school: compliance.

It’s not uncommon that when organizations hire labor they actively search for employees who do not resist compliance or consistency and will not try to “color outside of management’s template”. These employees are easily managed when governed by the fear that thinking outside of their designated box might get them fired. Does your organization have a bored receptionist that files her nails or reads romance novels whenever the phone is not ringing? And has been doing it for the past three years! I hope not.

So what can you the employer do? Embrace and reward noncompliant behavior.

When there’s growth good stuff begins to happen. Seek out people with innate potential because if your organization is to grow you need passion from every level of employee. The first touch a new customer may have with your company might just be the receptionist whether it be on the phone or in person. The receptionist’s attitude might jade a customer from doing business with your company. It’s up to you not to let that happen.

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