Victor’s Insider Scoop on a Business Model I’d Love to Be Able to Emulate for Real Estate …
June 15th, 2010 | top of page

So what product would I like to be able to model for my real estate business? It’s the iPhone 4s of course. Consider these amazing facts:

• Consumers anticipated its availability for months and then line up for as much as 24 hours in order to be assured of the privilege of buying it. In fact, shortages at some stores caused unruly crowds.
• Last year’s model, the iPhone 4, sold 1 million units over its first three days. The iPhone 4s sole 1.5 million units in its first day on the market!
• Only 23% of purchasers actually “needed” a new phone. Seventy seven percent of buyers claimed it was a purely discretionary purchase.
• I’ve never heard anyone say they liked Apple’s exclusive carrier AT&T.
• Most interestingly, these astronomical sales figures occurred despite the well-publicized issue that the new model has a flaw in its antenna design that limits the phone’s ability to function as a PHONE! Amazing! So I’m left sitting here scratching my head about how I can create a real estate model that emulates Apple’s success. If you’ve got any ideas please share them with me.

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