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September 5th, 2012 | top of page

Wanting to provide the best you can for your children is an emotion common to most parents. Things start to get a bit out of hand when your son or daughter informs you that they want to play organized hockey. And things really go overboard when “organized hockey” morphs into “travel hockey”.

The travel hockey season begins before the previous season has ended with tryouts for the teams that start up at the beginning of the school year occurring in mid to late May. Competitive hockey, even in a market like Phoenix which most people would not consider a hockey-crazed city, is just that—Competitive! More kids want to play than the 17 spots on each team can accommodate. Tryouts occur over two or three days and end in disappointment for most of the aspirants. The parents feel the pressure off-ice as much as the kids do on-ice trying to impress the coaching staff with their prowess on skates.

Having their kid make the team demands two things of the hockey parents: money (in no small quantity) for equipment, ice time and coaching, and time. Lots of personal time. It’s not uncommon for a parent to have an hour commute (one-way) between home and the rink plus 1.5 to 2.5 hours at the rink four days per week.

And then there’s the travel in travel hockey. Travel occurs at three levels: travel to other local rinks for games or tournaments, travel by car to places like Las Vegas and Los Angeles for tournaments, and airline travel to distant cities for tournaments. And let’s not forget the meals and hotel costs over three or four days.

Strangers at the beginning of each season, the hockey parents quickly develop a camaraderie, each knowing what the other is sacrificing to support their child.

Elliot Allison #1

My son Elliot plays hockey for the Jr. Coyotes, a Bantam AA travel team. We had our first tournament this past Labor Day weekend that precluded any vacation travel or R&R that non-hockey parents might treat themselves to over a long weekend. But we all do it gladly because the kids are our kids. We pay dearly in dollars and time to make it happen but the smiles from a second place finish make it all worthwhile.

Runner Up Trophy

CAHA Jr. Coyotes Bantam AA at Labor Day Tournament

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