Victor’s Insider Scoop #1 on No B.S. Trust Based Marketing
September 13th, 2012 | top of page

I finished reading Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing in my bookclub today.

This book instructs the reader how to develop strategies to answer this question: “What are the few, key factors for you, that will make you such a trusted and relied upon presence in your customers’ lives that they stay with you—and spend with you—for life?”






Here’s some of my most salient excerpts from the first four chapters:

  • Developing trust must begin at the beginning, and must never be jeopardized or sacrificed for any other objective
  • Everything said about you or your company is grossly devalued if not said by someone the customer trusts
  • Trust can come from many sources including: Authority, Affinity, Credibility, Longevity, Celebrity, Familiarity, Frequency, Second Party Transferral, Place, Demonstration

When your’re unknown to the customer, the customer comes to your table with nine internalized questions that you must answer before you can get the customer’s commitment:

  1. Is this guy “for real”? (Authenticity)
  2. Is he telling me the truth? (Believability)
  3. Is he knowledgeable and competent? (Credibility)
  4. Is he appropriate for me? (Feasibility of Relationship)
  5. Is he listening—or just “peddling”? (Customized Solutions)
  6. Overall, can he be relied upon (Safety)
  7. Do I understand (enough about) what he’s going to do for me? (Comfort)
  8. Am I making the best choice vs. other choices? (Superiority)
  9. Am I paying a fair price? (Value)


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