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December 4th, 2012 | top of page

At least once a year my undergraduate alma mater McGill University hosts a function in Phoenix for graduates, their families and parents of current students. It’s typically been a brunch in February at The Sanctuary
 which is a great location for winter-weary McGill staff to put on an event and thaw out.

The event I attended on December 2nd was a bit different. It was held and the home of a dental school graduate and brought together about 80 of the over 300 McGill alums in the metro Phoenix area.

There was the usual rah rah component on what’s new at McGill and the expected pitch to continue our financial support of the alumni association. For my American friends, McGill is the number one university in Canada and is ranked at #18 worldwide. In fact, it’s often referred to tongue-in-cheek as “the Harvard of Canada”. Surprisingly, McGill manages to maintain its #18 ranking on 1/30th of the endowment funding that Harvard receives. Compared to the whopping undergraduate tuition of $40,000 per year at Harvard, McGill’s $4000 tuition for Quebec residents is quite a bargain!

The biggest laugh of the afternoon came when this non-sanctioned, bootleg tee shirt appeared …

The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Joe Schwarcz, professor of chemistry and director of

McGill’s Office for Science and Society who took the stage and discussed how the media invariably maligns the chemical industry. He humorously touched on topics such as Suzanne Sommers’ diet products and pitches, natural vs. synthetic compounds, homeopathy, charlatans and the supplement industry (they do go together), and foods that don’t contain any ingredients you can’t pronounce (they’re aren’t any).

Dr. Joe is also a columnist for the Montreal Gazette. To give you a taste of Dr. Joe’s passion for his craft here’s a link to his October 28th article Some reasons why meat stinks.

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