Marketing Secrets of Mitch Meyerson
May 14th, 2015 | top of page

I met Mitch Meyerson last night (5/13/15) at the Arizona Marketing Association’s monthly meeting that’s organized by Chuck Trautman. Chuck always does a great job bringing relevant and informative speakers who deliver real, actionable content in their presentations. Last night was no exception with Mitch Meyerson’s presentation on marketing.

The presentation got off to a good start for me as I was able to answer Mitch’s first marketing question (“When was Jay Conrad Levinson’s classic book Guerrilla Marketing first published?” – answer at the bottom of this page) and won a copy of Mitch’s most recent book Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars.

Victor Allison & Mitch Meyerson

Mitch’s previous life as a psychotherapist led him to his first marketing insight: A good marketer must first be a good listener who’s capable of reflecting on what the customer is telling him thus creating EMPATHY between the marketer and customer. My six additional take-aways from Mitch are:

• Build a Human Bond along with the Business Bond you’re trying to create. Discover what your customer’s passion is and incorporate that into your presentation

• Marketing occurs every time you come into contact with the public so bring your “A Game” to everything you do. This includes things like how you come across on the phone, how you dress, the design of your business cards, presentations, web site, etc.

• Sell the RESULT in clear, simple language. Describe what is the customer going to get or feel by purchasing your product or service.

• Keep everything SIMPLE. Try to winnow your Elevator Speech down to 10 words or less. Google did.

• Give the customer just ONE next step to take. This is especially relevant if you’re building a sales funnel. Don’t confuse the customer with options or choices. If your pitch is to try to get someone’s name and email address, end it there. Don’t ask for more. That can come later.

• Finally, Sing in your own voice. Be yourself. It’s really hard to try to be someone else. You’re really good at being yourself so don’t fight it.

Answer: 1984

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