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August 1st, 2009 | top of page

Elliot in Convertible Miata

I flew to Vancouver with my ten year old son, Elliot, borrowed a friend’s Mazda Miata ragtop, and headed off on a 11 hour, 720 km road trip to New Denver in the Slocan Valley of interior British Columbia.

Why New Denver you may ask? In a previous life I worked at the Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta. Many of my friends from the Chateau moved to New Denver after leaving Lake Louise. This was in the late ’70s. I had not seen these people in 30+ years. It was time to reconnect with characters with pseudonyms like Honey Bear (Glen Palmer), The Great Burtoni (Richard Burton), Philthy Phil (Phil Milburn), The Beautiful Susan Applebee, DB (Dave Bruce) and Ozone (Rick Owens). Despite the years it’s funny how one can quickly reconnect with people with whom you have a shared bonding experience.

Route from Vancouver to New Denver

New Denver is a former mining community of 600 on the eastern shore of Slocan Lake in the midst of the Selkirk Mountains. The mountains on the western shore are called The Valhallas which aptly depicts their grandeur and tranquility.

Slocan Lake and the Valahalla Mountains

One attitude of my friends and most residents of New Denver is one that we technologically-dependent city dwellers will find strange: they oppose bringing cell phone service to the area. In fact, a standing joke amongst the residents is that it is easy to spot tourists in the street. They are the ones engaged in a fruitless activity: wandering around with cell phones in their hands searching for a spot in town where they can get some bars showing on their displays!

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