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September 1st, 2009 | top of page

I watch all of Steve Jobs’ keynote presentations for three reasons: 1. I have never owned a PC—I have always used Apple computers, 2. I own Apple stock (which is up 123% this year thank you very much), and 3. Because Steve Jobs is a master presenter. So even if you don’t fall into categories 1 and 2, you should watch Steve Jobs for reason number 3 and learn from the master.

What is so magic about the sales job Steve does while on stage? Let’s review. Not only does he have great content with amazing new products and narrative to promote them but he also has great style. He achieves this style partly by 1. maintaining great eye contact 98% of the time. He does not look over people’s heads but physically looks at specific groups or individuals and makes very strong eye contact with them. He can do this because there are very few words on the presentation screen behind him so there is nothing on the screen for him to turn around and read. Most presenters will actually turn their back to their audience and read what is up on the screen. Steve will never do this.

2. He rehearses multiple times over several days so he has great confidence in his material and never reads from note cards—nothing is left to chance—so he can maintain eye contact. Even during a product demonstration when he needs to sit down at a computer screen to start the demonstration, he only spends brief moments facing the screen before looking up at his audience and explaining what is on the screen.

3. He maintains an open posture throughout his presentation. There is nothing between Steve and his audience. You will never see him with his arms folded across his chest, he never has his hands in his pocket, and he never speaks from behind a lectern. He uses a wireless mike and walks around the stage with no barriers between him with his audience.

4. He uses effective, demonstrative hand gestures that match his words. So if he is introducing a big, new product his arms will be spread in an expansive gesture; conversely, if he is talking about a tiny new chip used in an Apple product he will pinch his fingers together and squint to emphasize its small size. Steve uses a hand gesture of some kind to punctuate just about every sentence.

Want to see a classic Steve Jobs presentation? It’s now a bit dated but watch him introduce the iPhone at MacWorld2007 — then click on the Watch iPhone Introduction button.

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