Victor’s Insider Scoop on Why Medical Office Buildings Are A Silver Lining Amidst The Uncertain Economic Climate …
September 10th, 2008 | top of page

While the US economy falters a new research report by Yili Dolan of Torto Wheaton Research contends that medical office buildings are a silver lining amidst generally weakening traditional office property investments. Using US demographics as a backdrop, many investors and developers see opportunity in healthcare investments: “Baby boomers represent 26% of the US population and, now hitting 60, will place tremendous demands on Medicare and require a good deal of support from professional caregivers. In addition Continue Reading


Victor’s Insider Scoop on Why Would Anyone Buy Large Tracts of Land Over 60 Miles West of I-17? …
August 10th, 2008 | top of page

Ask most Phoenicians where Harquahala Valley is and you’ll probably get a shrug. Head west from The Stack on I-10 and go past Tolleson, past Avondale, past Buckeye, past Tonopah and in about an hour, after driving by miles and miles of undeveloped desert you’ll hit the interchange for 515th Avenue aka Harquahala Valley Road. You’ll probably be as underwealmed as I was by the sleepy roads and old farm buildings visible as you drive the 11 Continue Reading


Victor’s Insider Scoop on Why Many Good Properties (and Borrowers) Are On The Ropes …
August 1st, 2008 | top of page

The last thing a bank wants to see is a bunch of FDIC regulators with sharpened pencils come charging through their doors. But, with small and midsize banks losing more than $354 million in Q2 08 (see page 36), you can bet this is happening more and more. According to Albuquerque’s First Community Bank CEO “We are getting a little more conservative in the types of loans we do. We are in a capital preservation mode”. I’m Continue Reading


Why Single Family Finished Lots Have Great Upside (If You Have Some Holding Power)
July 1st, 2008 | top of page

You need look no further than the pages of this month’s newsletter to know that homebuilders in Phoenix are under duress. The supply of single family lots—some held by the homebuilders themselves, some held by land bankers, and some held, or soon to be held, by lenders—greatly exceeds the homebuilders’ current appetite to produce spec homes. As of December 2007, Maricopa County had 160,000 lots and Pinal County had 220,000 lots. With just 1,275 new home permits Continue Reading

SF Lots

Victor’s Insider Scoop on When We Can Expect to Hit Bottom …
June 15th, 2008 | top of page

This month’s BIG story is sourced from an airing of the CBS News show 60 Minutes. Click this link to view a video of the show. Either way your day will not be brightened unless you are sitting on the sidelines with a boatload of cash. If you have that boatload of cash and let me know what your acquisition parameters are I will keep you apprised of deals that cross my desk. Call me Continue Reading

Recession Rescue

Victor’s Insider Scoop on Why It’s Not Too Soon to Get Into Arizona’s Land Market …
June 10th, 2008 | top of page

Looking back at the number of sales reported in my newsletter for the year to date shows there was a 48% drop off in commercial sales between a high of 27 in March and a low of 14 in April. Even with the understanding that my newsletter is not inclusive of all sales that are reported in a service like CoStar Comps it is interesting to note that sales over the past 3 months are trending back Continue Reading


Victor’s Insider Scoop on The Perils of A Commercial Loan…
June 1st, 2008 | top of page

If, after reading this month’s edition of my newsletter, you are motivated by curiosity to search its text for the phrase Mortgages Ltd., you will find (by my count) 89 occurrences! Although this is only the second edition of my Scoop column, I have been compiling these real estate news articles since January 2006. To date I have not been motivated to make such a count as there has never been a single story line that seemed Continue Reading

CRE Loan

Victor’s Insider Scoop on Why The Sky Isn’t Falling on the Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Market … revisited
May 10th, 2008 | top of page

In this month’s edition of Phoenix Commercial Real Estate News & More I postulated on why The Sky Is Not Falling on the Phoenix commercial real estate market. Although I still believe that premise is true a closer examination is in order. For those of my readers who have been receiving Deals This Month (the previous incarnation of Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Deals & More) since its inception in August 2007 I have reported on an average Continue Reading

sky falling

Victor’s Insider Scoop on Why The Sky Isn’t Falling on the Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Market …
May 1st, 2008 | top of page

Hidden in plan sight amidst all the newswire headlines that we all have seen and come to expect about the Phoenix marketplace over at least the past three quarters—Home Foreclosures Up • Fewer People Moving to Arizona • Median Home Prices Drop • Arizona Is In Recession • Commercial Vacancy Rates Are Rising • Prices Are Slashed—are signs that the sky is not falling. In this month’s issue of Phoenix Commercial Real Estate News & More are Continue Reading

sky falling